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Thinking of Buying Snohomish County Homes?

This site has all the latest listings in Woodinville homes and
Bothell real estate including all Snohomish, Kirkland, Bellevue and
all other parts of the Snohomish and King County market. I want to
keep my clients up to date when a potential listing hits the market.
I research diligently all avenues of ways to find the right home for you.
As a buyer there are some things you can do to make the entire
process go as smooth and hassle free as possible.


Get a pre-approval letter
It may help the seller to steer towards your offer over any others.
Get in touch with a lender you are comfortable with to sit down and go
over all your finances, your income and debt. This will tell the lender and
yourself how much home you can afford and also lets the seller know you
are a serious buyer. Having this letter to present to sellers when submitting
an offer will let the sellers know you are committed to purchasing a home
and are not wasting anyone's time. 


Have earnest money and inspection funds ready to go.
These are typically funds that you will need out of pocket. Although there are still
a number of ways to buy a home with zero down (USDA Loan), you will still need
to have some liquid funds to show the seller you are again serious about the home
and willing to put money down on it and for the inspector once you come to that
point in the sale. [For more on USDA Loans Visit my affiliate in Richland Homes]


Always have an inspection
I strongly urge all my clients to have a professional inspection on every home,
no matter if you planning on purchasing it or not. This is quite possibly your
largest purchase and greatest investment and you will want to know everything
about the home before you sign the final documents. Its also a great way to
plan for the future and start setting some funds aside. 
[Check out my St George Homes Professional for more on inspections]

Be sure to have everything in writing.
As your agent, I will make sure all documents are signed, read through and
all contingencies are in order. If there is something you don't understand,
please don't hesitate to ask. I will make sure you know what you are signing
and help you understand any documents that need further explanation. 

When buying any homes in the area be sure to let me know how I can help.
Not only do I help buyers find and purchase their dream homes but I can
market and sell all Woodinville and Kirkland homes including all in the
Puget Sound area.

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