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In this market, it doesn't pay to use an amateur. You need an experienced
agent working hard on your side to get your Kirkland homes sold. With
my training and skills using all available tools to market your home you
can expect more showings and more offers than going with another agent.
In knowing the communities and neighborhoods around the Puget Sound 
I know what's selling, why and for what price. Let me handle all your
home selling needs.


There is no need to keep searching the web, asking friends and
family or cold calling real estate agencies for a listing agent. With
my years of experience in many types of buyers and sellers markets
I can offer you the expertise and tools needed to sell your home at
the right price.

I love to help sellers prepare to sell with whatever tools necessary
in their situation. If you need a short sale, pre-foreclosure, or just
need to move on, I can help with all the paperwork and details to make
the transition as smooth as possible. Please tell me the entire situation
and what you need from the sale of your home so that I can do the best
job possible for a fast sale.

This is not the market to go at it alone and certainly not a market to
trust a rookie. With experience on my side I can help guide you down
the right avenues for making informed decisions about your home.

As a homeowner you will want to make sure your home shows the best
it can at all times. Although this can be stressful and tiring especially with
children in the home, it will be worth it in the end when you have that
signed contract on your home. The goal is to get the house sold and by
keeping emotions and personal feelings out of the mix, it will make the
process that much easier. This is a business transaction and you need to
treat the sale of your home as simply as selling a piece of merchandise
to a customer. They want to envision themselves in the home and not
be distracted by your personal belongings, photos and collections. Now
is the time to lovingly pack them away for your new home and focus on
what the buyer wants to see.

Bothell home sellersThe best way to do this is to tour some open houses and especially model
homes in  your area. With so many new Bothell homes going up there is
something there that is attracting a buyer. Make sure your home shows
off the square footage and whatever features may set your house apart
from the rest.

As your agent I will personally do a walk through on your home and a
cost market analysis on what I feel the market can stand on the price.
It is ultimately your decision what you price it as but knowing the market,
I can offer the best possible starting point.

Give me a call today for tips and ideas on how to market your home.
Please feel free to allow me to present to you what I feel I could offer
in selling your home. I specialize in all Kirkland homes and
Woodinville homes for sale. Not only do I service the entire
Snohomish County area but also offer services in King County as well.

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