Cathy Staup
Sales and Marketing
How A Listing Agent Markets Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your Bothell, Woodinville or Kirkland home? Do you know where to start? Many sellers may not want to sell right now but need to sell for job change, lifestyle change or maybe you are facing foreclosure. There are many reasons why homeowners are selling right now and depending on your situation there are ways to handle it quickly and stress free.

Thinking about selling it yourself is not the way to go in this market. Many homeowners that try and sell their homes in buyer's markets end up selling for less than they would if thay had used a listing agent. This is because sellers don't often know where to price their homes to begin with and price too high They then chase the market down lower than where they could have sold from the beginning by using a listing agent from the start.

Because I live, work and play in the Bothell to Kirkland area I am aware of the current market trends and what buyers are looking for. If you have not bought or sold a home in the last 5 years, its tough to know what buyers are looking for. With my proven strategy I can price your home for the best possible competitive price and get it shown. If your home sits on the market more than a month, you have already lost the best potential buyers. Getting the price right from the beginning gets the home shown and sold.

Not only is pricing a factor but getting the word out that your home is for sale is the major job of a listing agent. It's much more than simply placing the listing in the local MLS. Anyone can do this. A skilled, trained and seasoned agent has built up a large sphere of influence that stretched not only past their grasp but carries onto to more and more agents through the connections they may have. Here is how this works.

When I take a listing, not only do I price it right, help you stage and set up the home to appeal to buyers and place it on the market, but I may even have a buyer ready for your home. Not only do I list homes, I sell them. And I am always working with a variety of buyers looking for their perfect home. If I don't, chances are I know an agent that has buyers looking and so forth. This network of buyer's agents and their buyers extend your reach of marketing far more than a homeowner selling it themselves.

I am an expert in marketing and selling Bothell homes and anywhere on the eastside. Please call me today to see how I can price and market your home to get you the most out of your sale. I look forward to talking with you.