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Need Land for Sale in Bothell Washington?

Surprise! There really is still land for sale in Bothell Washington. It's not all bought up by the big shots and corporations. If you are interested in land in Bothell I have just the spots for in Bothell for sale

So many people are tired of the stick built, so-called, "custom homes" now days that look exactly like their neighbor, (that's 5 feet away, mind you). Many people want a home they can call truly their own. You want your own design, your own layout and land. You don't want endless rooms you don't know what to do with or zero lot lines that border on trespassing.

If you are interested in some serious land or lots for sale in Bothell let me show you what you may be missing. Knowing the Bothell real estate market like I do, I know what's for sale, what it's selling for and how long it's been on the market.  I don't waste your time with properties that don't fit your need or lifestyle. I only want to offer you exactly what you need and want and at your price.

Finding the right parcel of land can be tricky especially in an over-saturated market and highly built up area. Filtering through the rubble that is our real estate market is not something that's fun for anyone..... well, anyone but me! I love helping those that are seriously looking for something specific.

As your Bothell Buyers Agent it is my passion and duty to find the right plot of land with the right utilities for your needs. Are you looking for a vacant piece of land with no water and wanting to start fresh or do you need something that's build ready with easy access to roads and any easements?

These are the things that make having a knowledgeable and skilled buyers agent on your side throughout the process all worth it. You don't want to step into the real estate world not knowing what you could save or what you could  be getting. Let me do all that for you... FOR FREE!!

Contact me below or call anytime : 206-276-1070

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