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Condos for Sale in Woodinville Washington

Considering buying a condominium in Woodinville?

There are many reason why home buyers would want a condo over a single family home. Condos are a great starter home for first time buyers. Many first timers don't want to jump into the full-on responsibility of owning a home with all the maintenance. Owning a condo allows you to gain equity but also gives you some freedom with the amount of space and material you are not responsible for.

Owning a condo typically means you won't have to mow the lawn, maintain the grounds or the exterior of the building. This can take a load off your mind as roofs and siding can be pretty spendy items if they need to be replaced.

The downside is you are typically responsible for Home Owners Association dues. While you can incur this cost with a single detached home as well, condos can run a little more due to the amount of maintenance the exterior requires. This home owners dues often cover special assessments for large projects such as playgrounds, upkeep, landscaping, large repairs or upgrades. HOA (home owners association) dues can be monthly or annually depending on how the association sets them up.

Maybe you are buying a condo not as a first time buyer but as someone that doesn't want to deal with the hassles of that extra maintenance. Many retirement communities are condos due to the fact that there is less required of the home owner. They can simply enjoy the community and only be responsible for the interior of their condo.

Occasionally Woodinville condos will have a special assessment project. This could be due to a larger repair or upgrade than was originally projected and may require more dues upfront. These typically can be split into payments if needed. This is a rarity and something that the condo association itself will determine. Many times anyone in the community can be a part of the association and have a say on how to best spend the budget.

Woodinville condos are a great way to get just as involved as you want to be. Whether you want a part in the major decisions of the group or simply have as few responsibilities as possible and enjoy the area and your home, buying a Woodinville condo may be the best option for you.

Woodinville is a wonderful city with many condo associations to choose from. Condos in Woodinville have a wide range of prices starting from around $60K up to over $300K depending on the location, size and amenities. There are also many Woodinville condo foreclosures currently on the market starting at below market values.

If you are considering a Woodinville condo, I would love to show you your options, choices and tour some great homes. Whether you are looking for a fixer or move-in ready, I bet we can find the right Woodinville condo for your needs.

Call me anytime at 206-276-1070 or email me at or simply send me the form below with your request and I would be happy to get in touch with you.

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